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Saxony-Anhalt is one of the sixteen Bundeslander (federal states) that make up the Federal Republic of Germany. It has an area of 20,447 square kilometers and a population of 2.45 million. Its capital is Magdeburg. Other large cities are Dessau and Halle. Saxony Anhalt is famous for its good soil. The "Magdeburger Boerde" contains the best soil in all of Germany and some of the best of Europe. It is often said by the local populace that the smoothness of the soil is more luxurious than balls of silk. The food industry has an important role in this state. Some of the best known products are "Baumkuchen" from Salzwedel (Altmark) or "Hallorenkugeln" from Halle. In the industrial sector, the chemical industry is quite important.

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